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Why Copywriting is the Most Powerful Skill You Can Learnā€¦ And 3 Steps To 10x Your Progress Without Wasting a Single Dollar (6 min)

7 Rules to Writing Killer Copy (19 min)

The Most Lucrative Part of Copywriting That 90% of People Overlook (5 min)

An Easy Way to Find All the Information You Need to Make Sale After Sale (5 min)

The Simple 7-Step Checklist for Irresistible Headlines (3 min)

How to Write Leads That Guarantee Your Customers Are Hooked Until The Final Word (4 min)

The Only Two Copywriting Formulas You Need to Be Incredibly Influential With Your Writing (4 min)

How to Tell Stories That Suck Your Reader Inā€¦ And Open Up Their Wallet (7 min)

Finding Your Big Idea (With Modern Day Examples) (6 min)

What Youā€™re Doing Wrong With Your Unique Angleā€¦ And 2 Questions That Will Make Sure Your Copy Stands Out (3 min)

2 Tips to Quickly 10x What You Can Charge For Your Product or Service (6 min)

The 4 Powerful Psychological Triggers That Make ā€˜Ethical Manipulationā€™ A Walk in the Parkā€¦ Even If Youā€™re A Beginner (8 min)

Your Next Steps as a Copywriter (5 min)